Plain Up Top, Flowery Down Below

This is one I never wore, though one of the kids did, often with a crinoline and a giant squid hat, don’t ask. Fine, you can ask, but I don’t know the answer! Anyway, I generally avoided anything that was meant to be lovely and stark white due to my staining habits, and that was even BEFORE I had kids to blame such things on.

I am not sure what decade this dress is. The remnants of the tag look modern, but the style and feel of the polyester are not so modern. It’s kind of a lush, cushiony poly up top, with the beautiful skirt being a bit rougher. You can’t tell in this photo but there’s actually an adorable bow at the waist. Back zip and button at the top. Probably a modern M, pushing L.

Can you conquer the stain monster and flounce around in this cute dress? Measurements:

Shoulders: 14
Pit2Pit: 19
Waist: 17
Length: 37 with flare (and flair!)

I’m asking only $25 plus shipping, earrings another $8 since they are PERFECT for this and another dress, but if you grab them first, I guess I’ll make more. Email me!

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