A Crinkly Gauzy Dress…Thing

A multicolored gauzy 70s dress by victor costa. colors of grey, brown, white, black checks, very strange looking.

This…is a dress. My children tell me it looks like the inside of the Matrix when the walls start melting or maybe Tron without as much blue. It’s both hypnotizing and eye-crossing depending on the angle you use to look at it. And I appreciate it! NOBODY else will be wearing this dress, or anything like it. Warning: do not wear in hot weather or probably near open flames. Can be worn as a super luxe COAT instead of a dress as the buttons are all the way from top to bottom.

It’s a rayony poly gauze, with translucent sleeves and fabric buttons all down the front. Lined. Wide collar. Hangs pretty nice, below the knees with a charming floofness at the hem. Modern M, pushing L. Victor Costa tag included! Wiki tells me he was “king of the copycats” and what do you think he’s trying to copy here?? Anyway, I bet this is 70s. Yeah?

Here is an inappropriate quote from my older kid: “This dress is weird because I think I’ve seen all the colors and then I look again and there’s another one. I think it’s just adding more to F&^% with me.”

Whose eyes do you want to cross today? Measurements:

Shoulders: 15
Pit2Pit: 20
Waist: 19
Length: 46
Sleeve: 22
Hem: 25

I’m asking $25 plus shipping. It has its belt! Belt alert, belt belt! Haven’t made earrings yet, open to suggestions. Email me!

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