The Chalkboard Jungle

So, you think to yourself, what does this dress have to do with a jungle, Jody? Well, it’s GREEN. Like plants in the jungle. Did you know I got to see a rainforest once? There was a lot of stuff in the rainforest that was this color green.

This is a thick cotton, a little rough, because it’s a jungle out there. The neck is high to conceal your scars, and the buttons are fierce and can be plucked off and used as projectiles. Ok, don’t do that, because it would be really hard to find these exact same buttons to replace. The bottom has this adorable side pleat thing, and the shape of the dress is that classic 60s boxy look which means screw the Spanx, you can go free-wheelin if this dress is your size! Back metal zip, Flutterbye tag, great shape, no stains I could see. I’m guessing 60s or 70s. I dunno.

One of my children says that if you squint at the dress, the yellow checkerboard is the color of mustard which is a heinous crime against nature. The other child is confused that it’s only half pleated, and wants to know if it’s something someone in her group project made. My kids are a BAD INFLUENCE on the internet, talking them out of buying my beautiful clothes like this. I recommend you do not listen to them.

Measurements (about a modern Mish):

Shoulders: 15
P2P: 20
Waist: 19
Length: 38
Hem: kickpleaty

I’m asking $25, plus shipping. I’m waiting to be inspired on some earrings, but I’m honestly just seeing pieces of chalk and nobody would understand that. Email me!

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