This Shirt Is Just Awful

Ok, ok, I’m quoting my kids. I LOVE how this shirt looks. I love the colors and the floral pattern that hides stains. This is one of my fashion forward preferences — must hide stains. Another is ‘must be machine washable’ and ‘must not fall apart after the third wash.’ As you can see I am a terribly sophisticated person, which makes it kinda strange I have such a mad love for vintage.

This shirt is a very stretchy 60s sponge polyester. Per the tag it is “nylon antron.” Here is a pretty cool link in Smithsonian about the ‘ready to wear knits of the 1960s‘ if you want to learn more. There is a zip at the back of the neck so you don’t ACTUALLY have to squeeze that tiny hole over your noggin, and it fits like a modern M. It’s stretchy, yes, but IMO the armpits and neck aren’t as forgiving. Nylon antron is not a cool breathable fabric, though, so don’t wear it when the temps are above 95 F.

Child quote: “If you spin around really fast, the colors will blur into pea soup! Watch, Mom, it’s pea soup! Me: TAKE IT OFF AND PUT IT ON THE DUMMY AND QUIT WASTING MY TIME. Kid: Pea soup!”

Do you want to wear this best worst shirt once the temps fall just a little? Earrings can be requested! I would totally crochet you some simple green flowers for $6.

Shoulders: 17
P2P: 20
Length: 22
Hem: 15

Only $15 plus shipping, which will probably be 4-5 since it’s small. Email me to defy my hateful children!

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