Terrible Wonderful Clown Pants

a pair of red polka dotted palazzo pants


Here’s what I think. There’s simply no good way to photograph pants with these ridiculously large legs. You really are wearing a red polka dotted skirt that just happens to be pants when you wear this. The swish is similar. BUT IT IS PANTS. I do love me some skirt pants. And these have the added attraction of not being size XS or S like nearly all the vintage in my collection.

The pants are probably from the 90s. Yeah? Surely not the 80s. I’m thinking 90s. I would not have been caught dead in these in the 80s or the 90s but boy howdy would I wear the hell out of them now if they were my size. I’d probably pair them with some feminist pop culture Tshirt just to eff with people’s heads. My kids opted to not absorb these pants into their wardrobes as they prefer hippie skirt pants to 90s preppy skirt pants.

I would like these to be YOUR terrible wonderful clown skirt pants! Here’s the sizing:

Waist: 16 flat, so 32, which is NOT TINY!
Length: 37
Width of legs: endless

$23 plus shipping. Be the clown. Be the swish. Email me.


    1. I LOVE palazzo pants! These are beyond palazzo. Seriously, they’re full on floppy clown, but just that much more swishy and wonderful, heh.


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