Contact Me to Purchase

I am currently doing purchases through PayPal. Please email me to get an estimate for the shipping and we will confirm a delivery schedule! If I get enough customer requests and everyone prefers it, I could set up a page on Etsy or another outlet, but then you’ll have a lot more competition calling dibs on an item, right?

Kid2 has also been creating and matching earrings to some of the vintage offerings, so you might find something extra on some of the pages! You do not have to purchase the earrings if you want the garment, and heck, Kid2 is probably willing to sell you the earrings straight up, too. She’s learning entrepreneurship now, to save time later when she needs to take over tge world and stuff.

You can also email me about my vintage hoard in general as well as my writing and crocheting and cats! I crochet things I really should not as well as write sf/f romance novels with cats and cussing and kissing (the cats do not kiss because they are cats) at

This is me a billion years and pounds ago in a dress I am probably going to try to sell you at some point! Most of my hoard has had two lives so far — it’s original vintage life and then the good times it had once I owned it.

I am open to vintage swaps as well as straight up sales. (For both the clothes and Kid2’s earrings–all money for earrings goes 100% to her.) Right now, as mentioned, sales will be handled through PayPal and will include shipping. Items are sold as-is, and if there are significant repairs needed, the price will be low on the item and I am not going to attempt the repair. You don’t want me to do that! Buttons and crocheting, I can do. Decent seamstressing, I cannot.

This is not a cat free home, but nobody is smoking anything up in here. I am located in Tennessee, USA, and I look forward to hearing from you!