Why Am I Selling My Lovies?

I’ve been collecting vintage since I was mumble mumble in a decade long, long ago, and now I have to downsize. I am rehoming all my lovies. Come, see what I have on the racks! And be sure to read all the details about the dresses and clothing items herein. Many of them have…stories. Meankitty Stories.

The stories are free. The clothes are not. To purchase an item, for now I’m selling through PayPal, and you can check out the details at my Contact page! I would love to rehome one of my treasures with you and hear all about its continued good times.

This is where the madness began. I was social distancing like a sensible old person, yet with the realization that our family will need to relocate in the next few years after the kids are out of high school. Optimally, our new abode will be…smaller. Which means…bye bye, lovies. Not pictured: two closets of hanging up “nice” things.
I began sorting through tubs with my kiddos, who got dibs on anything they thought they might actually wear.
The cats absolutely participated. Note: this is not a cat-free home. There will be cat hair. Sorry not sorry.
Anyway, I’m herding all my lovies into some semblance of order, and I will be telling you allllllllllllll about each and every one of these in the days to come! At least, if anyone is paying attention to me. I haven’t yet figured out how I want to sell — via a retail site or just between us — but every purchase will include….did I mention free cat hair? And maybe something else! Plus…the stories.

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