Not a Christmas Dress, I Swear


I really don’t think those are supposed to be holiday wreaths. You can wear this fit and flare ANYTIME, like right now, in the summer, because it’s sleeveless and a sturdy, wrinkle resistant cotton with the belt attached in the front so you can’t lose it like a loser, because losers lose things.

This dress is in great shape. It’s a relatively small size, maybe a modern 6-8, and it’s got a nice, full skirt. Tag says Serbin, designed by Muriel Ryan, and the belt is dotted dark blue like the vertical stripes. The back of the belt in a sloppily tied bow by yours truly is pictured below.


Shoulders: 16
Pit2Pit: 18
Waist: 14
Length: 42

For $30 and shipping, this is your not holiday dress you can wear in the summer and have people ask, why are you wearing a Christmas dress? Gives you something to talk about! Kid2 has also created matching earrings for $7 more, if you want them! Email me!

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