The Mystery Machine Except A Shirt

RUH ROH, RAGGY! These meddling kids are selling my clothes! My children, of course, entitled this one the Mystery Machine shirt, for obvious reasons. The collar is sooooooo deliciously wide. The material is your standard 70s poly, all buttons intact, Sears is the maker (even better!), and if it did have stains, nobody would notice. You could just say they were part of the print. I think that’s one reason I like this type of shirt so much. The other being the lack of ironing required. The other other being NOBODY else is going to be wearing your same shirt.

Kid2 has suggested the PERFECT matching earrings below — I think these are the ones she’s most excited about making so far.


Shoulders: 16
Pit2Pit: 20
Length: 25
Hem width: 20

$18 and shipping and this is your shirt. $7 more and you have the perfect earrings made by my personal underage laborer, Kid2. Email me!

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