I Wonder About Bread Shirt

This silky “Lady Arrow” polka-dotted score has a collar almost as wide as your shoulders, provided the shirt is your size. If you’re a real strapping, strengthy person and the shirt is too small, probably your shoulders are much wider than the collar. This shirt fit like a modern size M, leaning L, and was sold in my pre-sale toot suite.

I love how the fabric looks like Wonder Bread wrappers. I love bread, also. I love that the shirt had all the buttons and I didn’t have to make any repairs to it. It’s practical and wrinkle-resistant as shirts go, and it had its original 1970s life and then a second life in the 90s/early 2000s when my sister and I were super hip but also smaller than we are now.

The colors really are this brilliant and primary! I hope the new owner feels extra bright when they wear this beauty.

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