Leisure Dragon to the Rescue!

I’ve mentioned my kids help me with the photography and display, right? For this dress, they insisted on proving the usefulness of the pockets on this squishy, yes, squishy garment by putting a little dragon in it. The material of this 60s-70s era shirt is some kind of…well, it’s not the standard rough double knit. And it’s not the really silky stuff. I swear someone fell in love with a soft bathrobe and made a shirt out of it. It’s just got this plushness that’s not fuzzy. And it’s obviously a delicious pattern. Buttons at neck, not all the way up.

The shirt is in decent shape. Someone, as mentioned, made it. Maybe from a bathrobe, though it’s that older kind of bathrobe, not terrycloth. I fixed buttons and a few other things so it would be ready to wear!


Shoulders: 18
P2P: 19
Hem width: 20
Length: 28
Sleeves: 24.5

Asking $18 plus shipping. Dragon not included. Earrings could be arranged — we have lots of pink yarn and beads here! Email me.

She’s got some kitty charms left and lots of pink beads — this is an example of some earrings you might need for $7 more! Just say the word. Can also crochet pink flowers a lot like the ones on the shirt.

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