My Kids Hate It. Do You?

I think we should defy my mean, cranky kids and find the right person for this gorgeously colored 1970s dress. The texture is, hm, a thin papery polyester I don’t know, but LOOK AT THE COLORS! It also has ALL the buttons on front intact! How often does that happen (in my closet)? There is a tag (Royal Miss), below, with an explanation of the fabric, and Kid1 declared if she had to look up how to PRONOUNCE the fabric type, a person should not be wearing it.

Well, I think you should be wearing this. Someone should. We can’t be letting teenagers boss us around like this. It also looks cute belted, with a random ribbon belt I found in the floor, no less. Here’s the measurements.

Shoulders: 17
P2P: 20
Waist: 19
Hips: Not really much more than that…it’s a straight shift.
Sleeve: 22.5
Length: 37
Hem Width: 23

I want to horrify my children so much this dress is yours for only $15 plus shipping! AND…if you want custom earrings…we can definitely talk. I’ll post an example below. Email me!

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